Tuesday, August 7, 2012

You can't please everyone and you're not supposed to.

Written by Mastin Kipp
I think one of the main things that stop people from living an AMAZING life is the fear of what others will think about them. I know this has stopped me PLENTY before!
So, instead of being brave and stepping out into the world where criticism, cynicism and prejudice lay, we sit back in our comfort zones afraid to make a stink. And what happens? We slowly die a death worse than anything else, a daily spiritual death of PLEASING OTHER PEOPLE and silently creating resentment, anger and all the likes within us.
If left unchecked we can literally shrivel up and die, first emotionally, then spiritually, then physically. It is only those who are brave enough to go face to face with the opinions of the world that make a splash in life!
You can't please everyone and you're not supposed to.
You see, as you are living and expressing your truth, some people won't like it. Others will. And to let the "haters" win by keeping you quiet is not what you were sent to do. You were sent to stand up for what you believe in, express your truth and be humble to the fact that you are learning more and more as you go along.
In my life, I've had to address this issue in the recent few days. A blog I wrote for the Huffington Post about why I believe Jesus would support gay marriage. That gave me a wonderful opportunity to practice this virtue.
Now I know this is a controversial issue. I know there are people who are going to disagree with me. I know there are also probably some Christians who are going to call me the devil (and they did), but that didn't stop me from writing this article.
Why? Because in my heart I HAD TO. I wrote it for Huffington Post because I believe that is where it belongs. I try my very best to keep my opinions out of TDL when it comes to the issues at hand. And the intention of this blog is not to talk about the issue, but to express the process that I went through and the fear I felt by standing up for something that I believe in.
You see, if we wait to stand up for what we believe in until everyone agrees with us, we will be waiting the rest of our lives. Disagreement is what makes life so rich. Debating each side of the issue is what makes life so much fun. We need liberals AND conservatives. We need the right and the left - that's why we have two arms and feet; it's what keeps us BALANCED.
And knowing this, instead of taking the feedback (both positive and negative) personally, what I am doing is simply viewing ALL of it (good and bad) as information.
And NONE of that information will stop me from being me. And when we are being ourselves, that is when the magic happens. The Uni-verse, The Divine is calling us forward to express and be the truth in our hearts. It is BOLD, but it is necessary if we are to life-fulfilled, happy and fully expressed.
Don't wait for the world to agree with you; get about the business of expressing and living your truth so that you can start giving YOUR unique gift to this planet. We need you to. And whether I agree with you or not about what that gift or message is, I FULLY support you expressing it and living it, just as I would ask that you do for me around this issue! :o)
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